"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act"

Truman Capote

That may be true, but no one's stopping us from re-writing our own script. Or having some fun while we're at it. 

In fact, this blog has been created for those who could use a little different perspective after a long hard day of aging. 

It's not for those searching for anti-wrinkle products or someone to tell them that 60 is the new 40.

I've been 40 and trust me - this isn't it. 

But this is  the place if you're looking for answers to life's bigger questions.

From the philosophical...


Is it too late to make my mark on the world?

or the pragmatic...


How do I do this if I live alone? 

to the stunned...


OK, exactly how did this happen?

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Because here's the honest truth


At our age, it's time to stop drifting.



And start rowing.


And The Third Act blog can help you do just that

So why not join us as we all learn how to age purposefully - or at least have a good laugh if your intent is to deny it's happening.

Just remember, even if you decide to do absolutely nothing, you'll still grow older. That's how it works.

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