"The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning."


Are you looking for a content or copywriter experienced in retirement and the 55+ market? 


Whether I'm writing about active adults, housing, making money last or retirement options, I know the right words to tell a specifically targeted story.

But unlike other business writers, I not only know your industry, but as a baby boomer myself, I’m also your customer

The right words matter. Especially to a group who continues to redefine what it means to grow older. Don’t lose potential customers before they have a chance to know your product or service

We live in a noisy world

It’s a growing challenge to interact with prospects who are over-marketed and well-practiced in filtering out any message that doesn’t immediately answer their specific questions or concerns


I can help you connect by writing content that begins building an authentic relationship with prospective clients and nurtures existing ones.

You have the product or service they’re searching for

Let them know they’re in the right place

If you'd like to see samples of my writing, please click on the Portfolio tab at the left of this page

Please Contact me at debbie@debbiereslock.com or (303) 917-2122 if you have any questions or are considering a project or assignment and would like to discuss

I work hard to meet expectations and would love to talk to you about how together we can meet yours


Contact Debbie Reslock at

debbie@debbiereslock.com or

(303) 917-2122